Mine Survival 2.2.1 Apk + Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money) for android


Mine Survival 2.2.1 Apk + Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money) for android

Through collections and hunting, you can create tools and buildings.
Through it Protect yourself from zombies and survive for a long time.
Adapted to five mode environment, Create a space protecting yourself from zombies!

■ Find a place where there is plenty of water and build a settlement!
■ Build various items and buildings through collection and hunting!
■ At night, zombies appear!
■ You can stop zombies by installing walls, snares, Towers, and Cannon!
■ Body temperature, hunger, water, and poo management are very important! Don’t starve!
■ Put him on the altar, call him, fight him! You can obtain the key for the next mode!
■ Build an altar, call him, and fight!

■ 2.0.0 Update ■
■ Add Cave
■ Add new Ores, Monsters,Natural Objects, Drill
■ Add Fever Zone, Unicorn
■ Add 30 Pet(Functional)
■ Add Upgrade Steps : Wall, Doors, Attack Tower, Cannon, Trap, Power Tower

■ 2.0.4 UPDATE ■
● Add Custom game

★ Android Minimum API : 4.4 ‘KitKat’


First game of the Indie Game developer Wildsoda!
There is a lot of shortcomings, but I will update continuously!
Please e-mail me the bug and the request, i will review it and apply it to the update.
Lots of attention, love, and play, please.
Thank you.

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Whats new

[ 2.2.1 Update ]

◆ Bug fixed - BGM

[ 2.2.0 Update ]

◆ Changed

Cave Boss Monster's Egg is not cooked right away

Cave Boss Monster's Egg cannot be eaten raw

◆ Bug fixed

Removed Dark Box Bug


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