Gun Rounds 1.0.6 Apk for android

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Gun Rounds 1.0.6 Apk for android

Gun Rounds is a game about a small, squishy person battling their way through swarms of enemies. A turn-based shooter with roguelite elements, Gun Rounds will challenge your tactics, sharpshooting skills, and reflexes!

-Battle your way through 4 different worlds, each populated with distinct and dangerous enemies!
-Collect dozens of unique weapons ranging from a simple pistol, to a beam of sunlight or a guillotine
-Collect shiny treasures!
-Visit the shop and buy upgrades and items with your hard-earned money
-Fight the shopkeep if you’re feeling feisty
Unlock new palettes!
-A mysterious final boss… can you reach it?

Whats new

- Increased difficulty of Easy Mode. It should have a decent challenge now:)

- Slightly increased damage of Solar Beam

- Snake now fires one extra projectile, making it easier to hit multiple enemies

- Slightly increased range of Blast

- Removed low-tier weapons from starting weapon pool (Minigat, Zap, etc.)

- Ghost enemy no longer has attack formations that are impossible to block

- Various other minor tweaks and bug fixes


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